Regulations of the X International Festival of modern drama "Kolyada-Plays" – 2016
Application form for partication in the X International Festival of modern drama "Kolyada-Plays" – 2016

International Festival of modern drama "Коляда-Plays" is held annually in June on Yekaterinburg's theatre stages. An idea of the festival and an initiative of its resumtion belongs to Nikolay Kolyada and is actively supported by Sverdlovsk Regional Department of Union of Theatre Entrepreneurs of Russia.

Theatres can submit performances of plays by Nikolay Kolyada, his students and also playwrights who have participated in International contest of playwrights "Eurasia"which premieres have taken place during the last three theatrical seasons.

During several days at the end of June "Kolyada-Theatre" carries out a great occasion for all people who love theare. Everyday shows, discussions, out-of-competition performances, readings of new plays, workshops and other activities form the programme of "Kolyada-Plays".



Афиша Коляда-театр